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  • Electric bill savings,
  • Charge during off-peak times,
  • Discharge during peak times.

Backup power supply:

  • Discharge during a black out functioning as backup power.

Off grid systems in cooperation with renewables:

  • Store solar energy generated from photovoltaic panels for the future use.

Following charger/inverter equipment is supported:

Deye, Victron Energy and SMA Suny Island. Others on demand.


  • Modular design (1 to 6 modules, up to 30kWh capacity),
  • Clean energy recovery through solar panels,
  • Customizable system according to needs,
  • Savings on your electricity bill,
  • EU design,
  • Compatible with Tier 1 inverter brands.

Ident Number10265071026508102650910265101026511102651210265131026514
TAB e.storage CLEVER Type2.
Nominal Voltage (V)
Nominal Capacity (Wh)512010240102401536020480204802560030720
Usable Capacity (Wh)500010000100001500020000200002500030000
Dimensions (WxLxH, mm)530x495x476530x495x476530x495x971530x495x971530x495x971530x495x1341530x495x1341530x495x1341
Weight (kg) 63,5 111 121,5 169,5 216,5 224,6 272,1 319,6
Discharge Voltage (V)44.844.844.844.844.844.844.844.8
Charge Voltage (V)58.458.458.458.458.458.458.458.4



Possible to get with TAB Hybrid Inverter

TAB e.storage APP

  • Available as Web, iOS or Android application,
  • Home and professional versions,
  • Monitoring Wi-Fi included with TAB Hybrid Inverters,
  • Real time data,
  • Historic data.