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Warranty Conditions

Applies to the following products only:




The warranty period is 5 years from the date of installation, and no more than 5 and half years from the date of delivery from TAB d.d. This warranty includes all defects of design, components and manufacturing.

Excluded from warranty are damaged due to:

  • Breaking the products seal label (opening the shell).
  • Transport damage.
  • Incorrect installation or comissioning
  • Unauthorized modification changes or repairs.
  • Incorrect use or inappropriate operation
  • Insufficient ventilation of the device
  • Failure to observe applicable safety regulations.

Warranty condition

If a device becomes defective during the valid TAB d.d. warranty period the device will be, as selected by TAB d.d.

  • Repaired by TAB d.d. or
  • Repaired on-site or
  • Exchanged for a replacement device of equivalent value according to model and age.

After replacement, the remainder of the warranty entitlement will be transferred to the replacement device. In this case, you will not receive a new certificates since your entitlement is documented at TAB d.d.

Excessiveness in the meaning above exists in particular if the cost of the measures for TAB d.d. would be unreasonable.

In view of the value that the device would have without the defect.

  • Take into account the significance of the defect, and
  • After consideration of alternative work ground possibillities that
  • TAB d.d. customers could revert to without significant inconvenience.

Warranty Prolongation

TAB d.d. provides also possibility of additional 5 year extended warranty policy after the standard 5-year manufacturer’s warranty expires. Extended 5 year warranty is subject to additional costs. To get more info about additional 5 year warranty, please contact our Service Department:

E-mail: service@tab.si
Telephone: +38628700211