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  • On September 1, 2022

Dear business partners, friends,

TAB Group, one of the leading global energy provider, would like to inform you about organizational changes which come into force from 1.9.2022 on: current two-tier organization with “Assembly, Supervisory board, Management” is changed into one-tier organization with “Assembly, Board of directors, Executive directors”.

The new situation is:

 Board of directors:

President: Bogomir Auprih,

Deputy president: Sašo Pačnik,

Member: Marko Žnidaršič (newcomer in our Group, welcome),

Member: Matjaž Obretan.

 Executive directors:

CEO: Roman Burja (newcomer in our Group, welcome),

CTO: Martin Rebula.

Being sure this new organization will further improve the flexibility, transparency and efficiency of TAB Group management and business relations with you.

Thanking you for the past and looking forward to our future cooperation and joint success.

Best regards,

TAB d.d.

Bogomir Auprih,

President of the board of directors

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