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  • On May 22, 2024

TAB Group Welcomes Delegation from Missouri, led by Governor Mr. Michael Parson on the realization of TAB’s Strategic Investment in the USA

On Monday, May 20th, 2024, TAB Group, a global energy provider with a 60-year history of battery production, hosted a delegation from Missouri, USA, led by governor Michael Parson. This visit marks a significant milestone in the international expansion of TAB Group, particularly in realizing the recent strategic investment in Liberty, Missouri, with the establishment of TAB USA.

The reception for the Governor’s delegation took place at the headquarters of TAB Italia, a subsidiary in Zanica, Italy. The collaboration highlights the strong economic ties between the two countries and underscores TAB’s pivotal role in fostering technological advancement and job creation.

Bogomir Auprih, President of the board of directors, emphasized: “ The establishment of TAB USA is a very logical step in our growth strategy. Further on, Liberty, Kansas City, Missouri is a very logical choice for our headquarters: logistically perfect positioned and with all the available infrastructure, from well skilled labour force to the very friendly and stimulating business environment.

We will achieve our ambitious plans in 66,700-square-foot facility, investing in total close to $40 million and creating 50 jobs over the next five years. In addition to serving as TAB USA’s headquarters, facility operations will also include industrial battery assembly, distribution and sales. The new location will provide TAB USA with proximity to its current North American customer base and the opportunity to distribute products quickly throughout North and South America.”

Riccardo Ferrari, Managing director of TAB Italia, highlighted the significance of this development: “The investment that TAB Slovenia provided for the realization of the U.S. office is a sign of trust in all the people working for the company. The circumstance in which TAB Italia has been chosen as a location/model to be imitated and re-proposed, makes us realize that the work we have done so far has proved fruitful and has been appreciated by the top management, both as operational methods brought in and for the important goals achieved. This, for us, is certainly a source of pride confirming that we are on the right path. With each other, everything will be even easier and enriching.”

Governor Michael Parson echoed these sentiments, stating: “Before I became Governor of Missouri, I actually experienced working in the industrial battery sales business. It is therefore a world, this one of TAB, that has something in common with me. And much in common have Italy and America. I am referring in particular to the attachment to family and diligence on the job that leads to excellence. For our city, the opening of the new TAB facility represents a very significant opportunity for economic growth. We are honored to be able to be a key player in such an important initiative, and one that will surely improve the well-being of our citizens as well. The U.S. economy in the sector is going through a moment of particular development, and thanks to TAB we are confident that we will be able to offer the excellence of the sector in the U.S. and throughout the U.S. as well, with particular attention also to all the complex and articulated post-production operations. I refer in particular to battery disposal and the sustainability of the enterprise. We fully share TAB’s corporate vision, based on the principles of dynamism and passion that make the way this ever-growing family works unique.”

The welcome ceremony for the Governor was attended by several notable guests, including Giovanna Ricuperati, President of Confindustria Bergamo; Pasquale Gandolfi, President of the Province of Bergamo; Luigi Alberto Locatelli, Mayor of Zanica; Giovanni Malanchini, Lombardy Regional Councilor; Rebecca Frassini, Member of Parliament; and Laura Viganò, Lecturer at the University of Bergamo, Department of Business Sciences, and Missouri Project Manager. Ms. Viganò highlighted the long-standing collaboration between the University of Bergamo and the University of Missouri, which has been ongoing for over 22 years.

The event not only marked a significant investment but also celebrated the shared values and vision that will drive TAB’s future success in the United States and beyond.

From left to right: Bogomir Auprih, Chairman of the Management Board of TAB d.d.; Governor of Missouri Mr. Mike Parson; Riccardo Ferrari, CEO of TAB Italia

The delegation from Missouri, led by Governor Mr. Mike Parson, along with representatives from TAB Group and other distinguished guests

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